About Us

We are looking to the future to keep growing and building exciting environments for our clients.

Jeff Parker and OceanScape Design Inc. have been providing high quality customer service to the Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles market for over 20 years.  We are founded on the principals of professionalism, quality, integrity, honesty and exacting attention to customer service. We believe these to be the core values that drive our work and result in exceptional customer satisfaction. Our customers include individual homeowners who are starting with a blank slate, as well as those who need a comprehensive landscape makeover to update and enhance their existing property. OceanScape Design, Inc. is a full service operation which offers services including, designs, removal, drain and irrigation systems, pools, spas, fireplaces, BBQ’s, water features, LED lighting systems, trees and plants. By discovering and optimizing the hidden potential of our customers’ properties, we create distinctive outdoor living spaces that enhance the beauty, livability and value of our clients’ homes. We pride ourselves on working on challenging and exciting projects.

We will work with you in every aspect of your endeavor, and make sure you are satisfied and all needs are met. With every design, we like to keep an open mind, and enjoy the experience of seeing a concept become a reality. Every Project is designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but function in a way to bring years of enjoyment.

Construction begins with a detailed summary of progress as well as clear communication during key phases, so that nothing is missed.  We use only the best quality materials, and are always using the most innovative techniques and efficient practices.  “Green” is in every aspect of the project from the underground micro-drip irrigation, energy efficient pool and fountain equipment, and LED lighting systems.

Jeff Parker


In 1996 Jeff Parker started a small landscaping business that was an extension to his uncles landscaping business.  His primary focus at that time was hardscaping and decorative concrete.  As a third generation contractor, Jeff was interested in finding a niche that could grow his business in a fun and exciting way.

He was soon experimenting with glass and seashells, and included concrete counter tops and fireplace hearths in with the designs.  That led way to some exciting projects and wonderful clients.  In order for Jeff to broaden his spectrum, he decided to dive into the world of horticulture.  He soon became fascinated with all the different varieties and species of plants that were available in the Southern California area.

OceanScape Design was founded in 2007, which gave way to a re-branding venture and prompted work with web and social media.

Next, high demand led Jeff to learn and test for a pool license. Again, not wanting to be ordinary, Jeff became a student of the well-known and respected Genesis 3D Design Group.  He quickly became a gold member and has taken classes that range from basic landscape design, history of water in architecture, mastering color in design, and water shape design and construction. Jeff is now accredited to the society of water-shape designers. With this knowledge, OceanScape Design has become one of the leading pool and water shape design build firms in Southern California.

Jeff has stayed true to his customer service motto and “We build your Dreams”, by taking the time and putting in the energy that each special project deserves. Along with all that OSD has to offer, Jeff also loves working with metal and welding, building quality outdoor tables, gates, and art features. You can check out some of his work on the custom designs page.


About Genesis


Member Designations ::

Our members qualify for progressive member status designations as they complete required coursework. Genesis SWD and Platinum members have completed the required 150 hours of education, while the Gold members continue their Genesis education.

* Gold Member: The Gold Member certification requires 16 hours of classroom work plus a passing score on the classroom project(s) and any required online exams.  Continuing Education requirements are 16 hours every two years.

* Society of Watershape Designers (SWD): The Society of Watershape Designers (SWD) certification requires 150 hours of classroom work plus a passing score on the classroom project(s) and any online exams required for the classes.  Certain core classes are required totaling 124 hours. The remaining 26 hours are comprised of elective studies. Continuing Education requirements are 24 hours every two years.

Statement of Qualification ::

Choosing a qualified pool and spa professional to handle the design and installation of your aquatic environment is of prime importance, regardless of the size and complexity of your project. A properly designed and installed swimming pool and/or spa can provide your family with years of enjoyment, healthful exercise and togetherness. When the work doesn’t rise to a quality standard, however, a variety of potential problems are likely to follow.

The reason selecting a qualified professional is so important stems from the fact that the design and construction of pools and spas encompasses a variety of specific skillsets and areas of expertise.  True professional designers and builders are well-versed in hydraulics, electricity, geology, structural engineering, water chemistry, masonry and materials science, as well as purely aesthetic concerns including elements of architectural style, color theory, materials selections and visual presentation among others.

Breaking the Mold :: 

Unfortunately, the pool and spa industry has earned a questionable reputation for poor quality and shoddy workmanship, due in large measure to a widespread lack of formal education amongst its members. This leaves homeowners in a difficult position as they seek qualified professionals.

Since 1998, Genesis has sought to address that shortfall and elevate the status quo by offering a comprehensive set of educational programs tailored to the specific needs of the pool and spa professional. Our goal is to nurture a class of designers and builders that are trained in the multiple technical and creative disciplines required to create top-shelf installations that not only look fantastic but also function efficiently, reliably and safely.

Dedication to Knowledge ::

Genesis SWD and Platinum members have completed the required hours of education, while Gold members continue their study in the science of hydraulics, the nuances of soil conditions and structural engineering, electrical theory and installation, the arts and crafts of masonry, waterproofing, forming and excavation, interior pool finishes, equipment selection, pool and spa start ups, control technology, the history of art and architecture, free-hand sketching and computer renderings, color theory, site analysis, project management, customer service and relations and sound contracting practices, among many others.  We also provide education for a variety of specialities including landscape lighting, pond and stream construction, fire features, interactive waterfeatures and landscape design.

The result is a program that is far and away the most comprehensive and detailed available anywhere in the industry. That’s why when seeking a truly qualified professional for your project, be sure to turn to those who are part of the Genesis family of pool and spa professionals.